Easy Reporting and Seamless Interfacing
In the industry, much has been made of TouchPoint Systems powerful and innovative reporting facilities.
The seamless interface between the two means that they can use software as a live onscreen tool. They can edit or annotate the data at any stage, and the altered data is automatically updated in software. Being able to build a specific view of their data in the software which suits their trading methods and is therefore very specific to their business is part of the solutions extraordinary flexibility. This combination of reporting and live onscreen tools ensures that companies can respond to their customers as they want, whether it is in terms of the lowest available price, or of optimum price / quality combination.

Customer Service - Accurate Picking and Stock Control
As a result of more accurate stock tracking with TouchPoint Systems, companies are able to carry out more accurate picking. And that leads directly to happier customers. As any business knows, mispicks are expensive. You have to get the stock back, investigate the problem, issue credit notes - there are huge costs involved as well as unhappy customers.

With TouchPoint Systems powerful warehouse management facilities, stock control are much tighter throughout companies multiple warehouses. Being able to always supply when they have the goods, instead of potentially missing sales opportunities is an obvious benefit of more accurate stock control. Instant pricing, accurate stock control and easy reporting.