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2Touchpoint Systems is an approved distributor for England that specialises in Digital Surveillance Systems with Epos Systems.

Using a digital surveillance system removes the need for old analogue switchers, multiplexers and time-lapse VCRs. The Geo-Vision system can connect up to 16 cameras each at a high frame rate that records high-quality digital video, based on motion.

With a digital surveillance system you can go immediately to the required image and time - No fast-forward and searching is necessary.
Security access options are also available and can be used to define multiple passwords to different users and groups.

(Digital surveillance is really a revolutionarily technology in the CCTV world)

The Technologies it has
DVR cards are used to capture live video feed from CCTV cameras into a computer. These capture cards plugs into a computer PCI slot and can easily be configured for both windows and linux. The input ranges per card are 4 & 16 and multiple cards can be installed per computer.

Software: CCTV surveillance software is used to view, broadcast and record surveillance footage. The surveillance software can perform the following tasks:

  • Live recording
  • Motion detection
  • Remote viewing over the Internet, LANs (tcp/ip computer networks), with authentication
  • Schedulers and user group management
  • FTP uploads
  • Email notifications and snapshots
  • Camera control: Pan, tilt & zoom
and many other functionality.....plus plenty more to come in the future as the software has automatic software updates over the internet.
CCTV cameras: Any kind of CCTV camera can be used with the computer based surveillance system.